Terms and Conditions

Please read terms of service, privacy policy and terms and conditions. Rapid Transformational Therapy* is a unique method that typically requires 1 - 3 sessions to resolve most deeply-rooted issues. RTT* uses hypnosis which is a completely safe, natural, and relaxing process where you will remain in control throughout the duration of your session.

During RTT* you will be regressed back to several memories in order to uncover where, when, how, and why you developed your presenting issue/problem. This insight will help you to gain a deeper understanding of the root, the cause, and the reason for your problem/issue.

Please understand that you play an active role in the successful outcome of your session(s). You must be motivated to change and follow through with the process. Results can vary, (Instant, reflective or cumulative). RTT* is not meant to be a substitute for the advice or care of a qualified medical professional. All information presented or recommended by Sylwia is meant for purposes only.

If you submit a testimonial, Sylwia reserves the right of use for marketing purposes however, your anonymity can be retained on request at time of submittal. If you are unsure about whether or not you should partake in an RTT* session, please consult your general practitioner. To protect your privacy, all client data is kept strictly confidential.